Washington Square Park Officially Reopens

More than a week after the fences came down Washington Square officially reopened to the public. Or, more accurately, the northwest quadrant officially reopened to the public after 16 million dollars and 17 months of reconstruction.

The event was punctuated with some really cool hobo style jazz, by the Baby Soda Jazz Band, complete with the band’s own dancers. There were far too many speeches from the likes of the Washington Square Park Association to the project anthropologist. Much better was the free gelato, and a couple of really odd thirteen star Betsy Ross American Flags. Did someone mistake Washington Square Park for one of the 13 original colonies?

Parks employees advised the press and others to step back, least they be sprayed by the recently named Tisch Fountain, and then finally Commissioner Adrian Benepe, Council Member Alan Gerson, et al, cut the official green ribbon.

Chris Quinn, Scott Stringer, Henry Stern, Parks Commish from the Koch and Giuliani administrations, and the inimitable Al Amateau of the Villager and Downtown Express were also in attendance.

Photo Gallery

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