On the street where you live..


So what if the City striped a bike lane that went straight to your home? Well not exactly to your front door. After all, it is on the other side of the street. But it’s a bike lane that you could pedal your way from B&H Photo Video, in Midtown, down Ninth Avenue, past Abingdon Square, across Bleecker Street, and then turned down, onto the street where you lived. And just to make it even nicer, the contractors who burned these nice big logos into the macadam cheerfully posed for photos and cautioned you to beware of the hot pavement, least your doggie singe his paws.

Would you ask the City to name it after you too, as in Stacy’s Home Bike Lane? Maybe ask them to re-stripe it on the right side of the street? Or maybe even vote to give Mike the Mayor four more years?

The new Thompson Street bike lane is intended to link the Fifth Avenue Bike lane with crosstown lanes on Bleecker Street, Prince Street, and the Grand Street Cycle track. It’s part of a grand scheme that calls for over 200 miles of new bike lanes in New York City by the end of this month.

hmmm… I wonder if we could get some of those David Byrne bike racks to go with it.

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