i tried to do handstands for you….

Canada Geese, originally uploaded by stacyrosenstock.

i tried to do handstands for you
i tried to do handstands for you
but every time i fell on you
every time i fell

Friday afternoon the cloud briefly parted, the sun came out, so I grabbed my bike and headed north to do some laps around the park.

Along the way I came across a family of Canada Geese. The little one posed for the camera by standing on one foot. So I asked the geese if they liked Granola bars. They practically scooped it up out of my hand!

Something like six months after Captain Sully Sullenberger landed his plane on the Hudson, not all that far from where I came across this little guy, Mayor Bloomberg has decided to begin gassing Canada Geese within 5 miles of the City’s airports. Yeah, the same little birds normally treated like one of the City;s natural treasures, and often tended to by Parks workers is suddenly on the hit list.

City workers rounded up 200 geese last week and plan to kill a total of 2000 before summer’s end.

You can sign the petition protesting New York City’s plan to gas 2000 Canada Geese. If these little guys have to be gotten ride of, there must be a better, more humane way.

One thought on “i tried to do handstands for you….

  1. That is the sweetest photo, Stacy, and I totally agree!

    I came across this Wikipedia site on “bird strikes” and among the solutions for preventing collisions with planes, Killing the birds is NOT listed: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bird_strike .

    Habitat management (seems most effective), learning migratory routes, and plane height and speed ARE possible strategies to avoid collisions. Meanwhile the birds being killed in the NYC parks are “resident” geese whereas the birds that “collided” with Flight 1549 were “migratory.” What they are doing now is basically pr and will do nothing to improve air safety. (Migratory birds are federally protected.)

    Anyway, love your blog!

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