Riding with the G10

in my bag

After 1200+ actuations with the G10 I’m beginning to get some sense of what the camera’s good for, and what it lacks.

It’s a nice little pocket camera than hangs from my neck at a convenient length when riding on my Sirrus – not to low as to hit the handlebars and not so high that I can’t move it around. So far it’s survived the rain of the Five Boro Bike Tour and rides nicely inside either my Timberland mini pack, or in my Carradice rack top bag – a place I’d never trust to my Nikons. However, it’s not entirely nirvana.

Earlier this month, while riding in the Tour de Brooklyn, I inadvertently maxed out my one and only 8gb SD card, and wound up losing a lot of good shots. Whoever came up with the idea of using SD cards for Point&Shoot cameras, and Compactflash cards for the  bigger DSLRs must be a big fan of Beta and VHS.

Another short-coming is battery life. Perhaps this is because the little P&S is far more dependent of viewing via the LCD than through the finder on DSLRs. Sometimes the battery lasts a few days but there have been times when I needed to charge the battery daily.

Note to self… buy another battery.

Obviously I need to get more organized. No longer can I give into Lightroom’s temptation to simply download the images from a single day and leave the rest intact. As big and bright as the screen may be, its a bit hard to notice that memory card full warning when cycling in bright sunlight with the normal distractions that go with New York City streets.

Oh and I am slowly learning not to mistake the off button for the shutter – a common mistake pointed out to me by the PA for Sesame Street, as my camera turned off instead of capturing the muppets on location in Washington Square. After all, retracting the lens may very well sap the last spurt of energy from a rapidly discharging battery…. but I digress.

And never ever ever leave the camera’s USB cord plugged into the computer even if it does look like it’s turned itself off. It’s really only sleeping, sort of…  Better to dump all images to the computer and start my rides with a freshly formatted card and a spare battery.

Whatever. Riding with the G10 certain beats my Blackberry, or heavens forbid, no camera at all.

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