Lake George

090701-SWR1404Washington Square Park may have just undergone a 17 million dollar facelift, but aside from moving portions of the Park’s two dog runs, that money seem to have done nothing for dangerous drainage problems in the Southwest quadrant.

Every time it rains, it floods. George’s Dog Run, the ajacient Robin Kovary Dog Run for Small Dogs and the surrounding area between the hills, the public restrooms and the central promenade, become a murky mire. Could it be Minetta Creek rising?

About a month ago I joined several other concerned dog owners in clearing the drain and digging channels to help drain the excessive amount of rain water that floods the dog run. 45 minutes of manual labor as Parks employees casually looked on and daned to tell us where in all that muck we might actually locate the clogged drain.

And if the accumulation of stagnant water mixed with dog urine and dog feces might not seem evil enough, just add to the mix the proximity of those environmentally questionable hills. Oh and then there’s the fact that Washington Square Park was constructed over the shallow graves of yellow fever victims. Some of these human remains were unearth as recently as 2008 during the recent park renovations. Ugh!

Maybe someone will come up with a budget plan to move Lake George 23 feet to the east too.

4 thoughts on “Lake George

  1. I live in the Upper East Side. Our dog run the East River Esplanade Dog Run located on the East River at 63rd Street, is just such a swamp!

    The city (Adrian Benepe, Park’s Commissioner and William Castro, Parks Manhattan Borough Park’s Commisisioner and Jessica Lappin, District 5 City Council Representative) spent $1 million dollars against community wishes to move our dog run and to install a crushed stone surface that alternately floods or turns into a Texas-style dust bowl.

    Now we are told that they will work on our $1 million dollar dog run for the 3rd time to try to figure out why it is such a disaster. We are all outraged. Now we are learning that many dog runs in the city (like Lake George) are facing the same horrific conditions. Yet Parks continues to install the same dysfunctional dog run surface in dog runs. Why?

  2. Hi Stacy, my dog run has terrible drainage issues among many other design flaws- many community members are fighting hard to get a better run. I am so livid at NYC Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe and Manhattan Borough Parks Commissioner William Castro. Our Council Member Jessica Lappin hasn’t been much help either. They seem to to turn a blind eye to the serious issues we are having. How are things since July in your run? Keep us posted and let me know if I can be of any help. 🙂

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