124 tell me that you love me more

tell me that you love me more

Last week I finally bit the bullet and upgraded to CS4. Not because of any particular need to feel cutting edge. Not because I have nothing better to do with my money. It was more a matter of workflow.

Enough of using Lightroom to convert Canon’s cr2 raw files to PhotoShop. Enough of Lightroom putting them.. wherever.

Now I can jumble all my photos in my Edit folder regardless of which camera I used. After all, I don’t file my Nikon photos in the kitchen, Fuji negs in the living room,  Rollei negs in the bathroom, Wista in the hallway and  Widelux transparencies in the bedroom… at least not when I’m sober. Granted, I’m not the most organized person, but I do have goals.

So obviously the question wasn’t so much about need, but much more about when, and how; that is, when I was going to finally give in and how I was going to pay for it. So what if I have to live on Ramen for the next few weeks? Love Ramen. Yum Yum.



However, I did decide that if I was going to upgrade from CS3 to CS4 simply for more compatibility, then I wanted a nicely wrapped, hard-copy DVD instead of some kind of ethereal download. This way, if worse came to worst, and I found I had purchased the wrong upgrade, like those whingers on Amazon, I could easily mitigate my loss on ebay. Try to sell a download on eBay and see what you get.



So Thursday afternoon I pedaled my way up to Adorama where they had two freshly installed bike racks outside under the perennial scaffolding – did somebody tell them I was coming?

Isaac, my Adorama salesman asked me which version I wanted so I told him Mac. Problem is, Photoshop comes in a variety of flavors, at a variety of prices, depending on exactly which and what software you’re upgrading from. So rather than divulge my entire PhotoShop history, which is slightly less tedious than my medical history, I simply asked Isaac for the $195 version. And, when the cashier rang up $210.25 I gladly plunked down my plastic without a wince. After all, if the New York State Senate hadn’t spent the past month switching parties and fighting over who was in charge, and had instead done what they were elected to do, the sales tax would’ve been higher.



Unwrapping a fresh copy of PhotoShop isn’t as much fun as unwrapping a new PowerMac. Maybe it’s not even as much fun as unwrapping a brand new iPhone 3Gs, but it definitely beats watching the progress bar in your downloads window. First you must pierce the shrink wrap, then slide open the slip case. The top breaks away on the inner box to reveal a translucent DVD case. Inside there’s a lovely blue DVD and some kind of companion Creative Suite Learning Disk.

The installation was relatively quick and completed without a glitch. And no sooner did I start up my brand new PhotoShop CS4 than I was prompted to download the 11.1 upgrade.


Do I love it any more?
Maybe not.
But I don’t love it any less.

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