neverminding the gender gap

Williamsburg Bridge, originally uploaded by stacyrosenstock.

Uh oh… It’s Tuesday. Time for another New York Times piece on cycling in the City. This week it’s entitled Maps Point Cyclists to Unexpected Places

David Goodman begins his piece by defining cyclists with the following:

Urban riders generally break down into several well-defined though not always mutually exclusive tribes. There are the racers, the commuters, the messengers, the fixie hipsters, the Dutch pedalers, the weekend warriors, the BMXers, the mutant/tall bike designers. Devoted to the bike as medium and message, these groups need no prodding to get in to the saddle.

Hey Mr. Goodman, What about us?

What about those of us who are 50+ and ride our bikes to keep fit? What about those of us who like to ride our bikes across bridges on two wheels? Hey, what about those of us who are female???

Sure, we understand that the Times is under the impression that, In Urban Cycling, a Gender Gap Persists but that’s no reason to continue overlooking us. We’re out here. Some may not all be Michelle Paterson or Janet Sadek Kahn. Some of us may not be fashionistas but we still look good in our Pearl Izumis, our Sheila Moons and our Taliah Lemperts. Yeah, even women enjoy exploring the city on two wheels.

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