This Old Heart of Mine

sad mac

“By the time the next version of the Suite ships, the very youngest PPC-based Macs will be roughly four years old. They’re still great systems, but if you haven’t upgraded your workstation in four years, you’re probably not in a rush to upgrade your software, either.”

John Nack, Adobe Blog: Goodnight, Suite RISC…

Oh great. Barely a month has gone by since I upgraded to PhotoShop CS4 But, sometime in the dark of night, Adobe decided to vaguely mention in their FAQ, that they’re no longer supporting PowerPC Macs in their Creative Suite Software.

Well gee. Why didn’t I realize that I’m not upgrading this old Mac before I invested in a PhotoShop upgrade? Why not before I bought that 1tb drive, or before I added 2 gb of RAM? Maybe I should’ve realized before I bought this G5 tower, four years ago yesterday, they’re supposed to be disposable. After all, what’s better than spending a couple thousand dollars on a new computer at the bottom of a great recession?

But whatever happened to “back in the day” when things you bought had warrantys and were supported for 90 days, or even a year? Barring any critical events, 11.0.1 would seem to be the end of the line for PPC Creative Suite.

If there’s an upside to this, it’s that the current version is a universal program, and will work on Intel Macs as well as PPC. So I guess this means all my computer money will be go for a new Intel Mac and NOT Adobe.

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