PI – and we’re NOT talking Pearl Izumi!


Labor Day weekend I decided to take, what has become, my ritual ride City Island. Summer’s almost gone and I wanted to squeeze in all those summery things I felt I was about to miss.

Not only is the City Island ride an opportunity to get in 40+ miles but I get to eat some raw clams on the half shell, a basketful of Calamari, and maybe even drink a beer guilt free while sitting on the pier at Johnny’s Famous Reef Restaurant.

I’m a frequent rider on the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway so this time around I decided to try out the route mentioned in Time Magazine’s Top 10 Urban Biking Trips, via the East Coast Free.

Their route is a bit longer than my tried and true route over Fordham Road but it’s 90 percent traffic free and includes the Bronx River Greenway and the Moshulu Parkway Greenway.

Via the Greenway it’s 25 miles from my door to the foot of the City Island Bridge, with a nice corkscrew loop as it weaves its way past the Major Deegan, then over a bridge over the Bronx River, and under a low bridge in Bronx Park that almost makes you feel like you’re falling into Wonderland.

But while climbing a long hill in Van Cortlandt Park, just beyond the corkscrew, I was appalled to see signs that read “Beware Poison Ivy.”

Disclosure. I had head there might be PI within the city. Alfredo Garcia drops the P word in his guest blog entry Alfredo Garcia does the Brooklyn Tour But surely, I thought, he must be mistaken.

After all, you would NEVER expect to come across poison Ivy in Washington Square, or Central Park. I’m sure if PI dared to raise it’s ugly leaves on the High Line they wouldn’t simple plant a “Keep it Wild, Keep on the Path” sign in front of it. Why would Poison Ivy be acceptable in Van Courtlandt Park? Is the Bronx simply more tolerant than the rest of the City?

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