Oh yeah. I’ve got an app for that!

Some folks like to organize by purpose, some by color, and some by how often they use them. What are your favorite iPhone apps?

Just about two years to the day since I got Mingus my iPod Touch, I finally upgraded to an iphone.

Some time around midnight, just moments after our account became eligible for an upgrade I began browsing the AT&T site for iPhone deals. I thought about speedy two day delivery but hey, isn’t this the main benefit of having an Apple Store around the corner instead of a Post Office?

So the following day I switched to the Apple site where I could begin the process online. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, the earliest I could pick up my new phone would be the following day – a Saturday, no less, when Soho is mobbed by tourists and shoppers.

Much to my surprise the process was relatively painless. An Apple salesperson took us aside, asked a few questions to connect with my online reservation and confirm the AT&T account, then she swiped my credit card and we were out the door, and on our way home, ready to begin the iPhone set up process.

Over the past couple of years we’ve managed to accululate a number of apps and the new iPhone, Myrtle as I’ve named her, seems to installed every single one of the 71 apps we had in iTunes, whether it actually was installed on my iPod Touch or not. And once it installed all these apps, it had to update each and every one. Maybe there’s a difference between the iPod Touch and iPhone versions?

Once I’ve gotten through the initial process of weeding out the apps I’ve grown tired of, and impulse buying some photo apps, I’ll have to settle down and begin to build my photo app library.

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