Lance and Mike


The local cycling community has been atwitter since Lance announced Thursday night that he was leaving Appleton, Colorado, for the Big Apple. Then a couple of hours later, Lance tweeted that he was stuck in traffic on his way in from the airport. Seems Mellow Johnny was in town to auction off some bikes at Sothebys.

Friday morning Benepe’s Bike Blog had a Lance Sighting heading north on ‘River Road’ with, none other than….the BikeSnobnyc. She’s been hot on his trail ever since.

Later that afternoon, on the eve of Halloween and just a few days short of the New York City Mayoral election, the seven time Tour de France winner, and Mike Bloomberg who is seeking his third term as mayor, went pumpkin shopping at the Union Square Greenmarket.

So was Mr. Bloomberg trying to remind us how bicycle friendly the city has become under this watch? Or was the message more along the lines of, if Lance can win seven times in a row then so can I!? Or maybe it was something much more mundane, like, Texas was just fresh out of pumpkins.

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