De-Fending the Sirrus

May 1, not quite five months since I finally managed to install those pink Planet Bike fenders, the front fender failed. I was making a slow turn into the Foley Square bike lane when I experienced the much dreaded toe overlap. That’s when the rider’s foot interferes with the front wheel. This isn’t uncommon with small framed bikes that have large 700c wheels but doesn’t normally happened on my unfendered Sirrus, and when it does it’s usually more of an annoyance than anything else.

Maybe it was the pressure from my foot on thin plastic that caused the front fender to fold under itself which resulted in the bike coming to an abrupt stop, causing me to fall. Maybe it exacerbated by the extravagant mud flaps attached to thin flexible plastic.

Whatever. Once I grabbed my left hand and rotated it back into place, I grabbed the front fender and rotated that back into place, as well.  There’s something about going endo on warm mecadam that makes you lose the presence of mind to actually document the situation.

I can only be thankful that it happened in a buffered bike lane rather than in traffic, and that I only sustained a sprained wrist. So today, ten days after the fall, and desite the fact that I have not yet regained full use of my left hand, I’m de-fendering the intrepid little Sirrus.

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