Rocco Ristorante 1922 ~ 2012


Earlier this month Rocco Ristarante closed. This traditional Italian restaurant was a staple on Thompson Street since it was opened by Rocco Stanziano in 1922. It featured a rich old world interior with black and white tile floors. When the weather was warm they’d open the front doors to create an open air cafe. Word on the street is that the landlord wanted to raise the rent from $8,000 to $18,000 per month. Maybe another restaurant will open in its place.

We never did get around to eating at Rocco’s and at this point I guess we never will. Even so, we’ll miss this part of the Italian American community that was Thompson Street and their lovely old neon sign.


UPDATE: According to Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York the space will be taken over by “the super trendy Torrsi” who wanted to keep the old sign. Turns out, Rocco’s is taking it with them.

Having yet another trendy restaurant isn’t as bad as, say, another Starbucks, but its one more hole in, what once was, a vibrant Italian American community.


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