Rainy Days and Mondays…

Took a walk through the neighborhood to see what’s changed. It’s truly amazing how the mind becomes flooded with memories and space is transformed back in time: the pizza place where we’d buy 15 cent slices at lunchtime, the old music room at JHS 3, strolling down Bleecker from my friend’s place on Charles.

Making my way down narrow sidewalks, tilting my umbrella for passersby so as not to become tangled in some rainy day mishap. I recalled walking on Bedford, to and from school, skipping and jumping over steps that still protrude onto the uneven walkway. Then there was that day in November we were dismissed early, half crying, trying to comprehend what had taken place in Dallas.

But I wouldn’t be walking that route for long. Only a few months later I transferred to another school with an entirely different route. Nowadays, more often than not, I ride my bike through the narrow streets of the West Village, too fast to soak up the details. Today, navigating the pavement afoot, was a pleasant way to spend a rainy afternoon.

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