Saturday in the Park

Took my usual short cut through Washington Square today and noticed a gaggle of tourists gathered just east of the Garibaldi Statue. There on the grass was Bobby, the remaining Red Tailed Hawk, who has taking a liking to the neighborhood.

Then on the way back home, there he was again, rapidly gathering the interest of a half dozen hawkarazzi. Unfortunately, I was traveling light, and my longest lens was only the 35 – 70 Nikon. Much to my surprise Bobby let me get pretty close and I was able to grab a few frames. Maybe I’ll return tomorrow with something longer.


One thought on “Saturday in the Park

  1. That’s actually Rosie, Bobby’s current mate in your photos. I photograph these hawks often and can tell them apart and assure you this is Rosie. Nice close-ups. It’s always exciting to see the hawks!

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