return to sender

It’s superbowl sunday and nothing is on tv. Nobody on the street and the City’s turned blue. Everyone’s prepping for the big game. Since I live in a Football-Free-Zone I decided to get caught up, or a least make a little progress, on the photo tasks of the week.

Getting work back from an agency is never fun. Nowadays its more about real estate. Nobody wants to give up the space it takes to store old media. This week I finally received two long awaited packages via First Class Mail and UPS.

Sunday afternoon I finally got around to counting them… my iPhone’s calculator crashed three times in the process. Apparently it doesn’t like numbers over 2,000.

And I had to pull the cat out of the box. Little Miss Kitty just presumed this cat size box must be for her.

The 16 pound package contained 2,416 slides so that’s a total of 2,939 for the week.

Now I have to figure out where to put them. One friend suggested I might “Edit edit edit!”

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