super bowl blues

Madonna fell, M.I.A. gave everyone the finger, Nikki Minaj was gorgeous, but Ceelo….? Maybe he decided to keep a low profile after his New Years Eve fiasco mangling the words of John Lennon’s Imagine?

Venturing out for a Shwarama at Mamoon’s, the streets were empty, save for a few tv deprived hipsters peering through the window of bars to keep up with the game. The Empire State Building was gorgeous in Blue.

I confess. Madonna is one of my main guilty pleasures, so I couldn’t resist catching the half-time show on YouTube. And while her performance wasn’t as free flowing as Vintage Madonna, she can still show GaGa how it’s done.

As for M.I.A…. what’s a nice radical girl like her doing on the mainstream Super Bowl Half-Time show anyway?

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