location Location LOCATION!

New Yorkers have no patience for tv or film production. Drivers can’t park. People can’t get where they need to go, things that need to get done don’t happen. Twentysomething PAs will even grab passersbye expecting them to stand in as an extra. One week last fall the NYC Mayor’s Office on Film and TV announced there were 21 companies filming in the City, all at the same time! We couldn’t help but laugh when Occupy Wall Street ran through the set of Gossip Girl, or when they occupied the mock-up of Zuccotti Park for Law & Order SVU, dubbing it Mockupy.

This distain runs so deep that one of my neighbors, upon graduating from film school, named his company Not in Front of My House Productions

But New Yorkers don’t hate all film productions. We judge.
People don’t seem to mind when Law and Order SVU films around the corner (on someone else’s block.)

Several months ago word began to spread the Coen Brothers would begin production of Inside Llewyn, based on the life of Dave Van Ronk, the mayor of MacDougal Street. I remember Van Ronk from the nights I spent in MacDougal Street basket houses, so when the signs went up announcing another film production on my block I felt a mix of excitement and trepidation. Sure enough when I stepped out the door today there was Oscar Isaac walking down the street, cameras rolling. Many many years ago, we’d joke about somebody making a movie about the MacDougal Street music scene, but I never imagined it would happen on my doorstep.

I never did get to see JT but I grabbed a few shots of vintage cars in the rain. Seeing your neighborhood on the big screen or even tv never gets old.

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