bye bye Ektachrome

Kodak Hawkeye Circa 1928

Kodak announced March 1st that they planned to discontinue Ektachrome, their color reversal film. This comes on the heels on Kodak filing for bankruptcy, a month after the company announced they would no longer produce cameras,  and less than three years since they stopped making Kodachrome.

For many many years Ektachrome was the film you could get processed at a local lab, in three hours or less. It was an alternative for photographers who wanted to depict the world as something other than a sunny day. It was the film I used while working in the Art Slide Library, at Hunter College. It was the film I used as a child, getting slides that I could see in the viewer I’d won in a contest at Willoughbys.

While Kodak says they’ll continue to provide the E-6 chemistry necessary to process color transparency it does make us wonder if the days of film and wet darkrooms will soon go the way of daguerreotypes and wet plates.

via PetaPixel

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