The new PhotoShelter.

This week PhotoShelter unveiled their long awaited upgrade. I had been looking at various ways to upload my tweeted photos directly to my website so yesterday morning I decided to try it by uploading a test photo from my iPhone. One obvious problem with tweeting to Flickr, and then blogging, is that it automatically posts & tweets immediately, which is NOT what I intended to do. No time to fidget, edit or fuss.

My test photo arrived but once it was on the site it was nowhere to be found. And to make matters worse, I felt like I was going blind searching through various folders or galleries, or whatever they’re called, in the new interface on my tiny iPhone screen.

Once back on the computer I was finally able to upload directly to my iPhoneography gallery, via Lightroom, which gave me a hint as to the direction I might want to take. Either way, March has been a very long month and I think it just got a little longer.

So here’s my very first blog post from the new PhotoShelter. There no longer seems to be a direct link to blog images..or my display is too tiny to see it. Keeping my fingers crossed that it works.

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